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The Essence of the Spitz Breeds...

Should you get a Spitz?

Dogs are popular companions for many people across the world. Due to their special traits that resemble those of a fox, thick orange coat, curled tails and pointed ears, the Spitz breed is a unique choice for every owner. Spend your life in the company of an energetic and beautiful canine, go for walks in nature and have him protect your family.

In case you are in search of a nice family pet, then look no further as the Spitz is one of the most affectionate types of his kind. The “smiling” face, playful nature and friendly behavior towards children will make them the perfect partners. He also gets along with other animals if you raise them together. Surprise your kids with a one-a-of-a-kind gift.

Although they helped their masters in hunting games in the past, today’s Spitz are often seen in the middle of the apartments in the center of the city. They first appeared in Russia and later expended to the other parts of the globe. In Finland, the locals still use them for the purpose of hunting birds because these pups are very agile.

These canines should be provided with many exercise opportunities and things that will stimulate his mind. Keep him busy with fun activities and help him consume his energy with entertaining toys. Go for a walk in the park or play interesting games in your backyard and you will definitely feel a large amount of excitement that even a Live Sex Chat on will not give you. You should also take in consideration that they have a strong instinct to protect their families and territory. They can be distant and suspicious of any stranger that might approach your home. As they are rather alert, these dogs will bark if they see something that may come as a dangerous situation. Engage him from early days in many social experiences so that he learns what is good or bad.

The Spitz is very clever and has a mind of his own. Some of them might be escape artists who will abandon your fences and go find some new adventures. Make sure they cannot jump or dig under them and increase your level of security. Stop his every attempt right away and set your barriers properly or otherwise your neighbors might come to your door and complain about his behavior.

Typically a sensitive guy, this dog can sense every little bit of tension in your home. If there are arguments and loud fights, he might become stressed and suffer from digestive or neurotic problems. Offer him a quiet environment where he can find peace and harmony. Also, do not let him alone for too long as he might chew up some of your things.

In general, the Spitz can adapt very well to harsh climates and various lifestyle. They are a healthy breed and do not require more vet visits than any other pooch. If you want a four legged buddy that is always there for you, protects you and is ready for some fun, choose the Spitz as your canine friend and share a great life together!